Registration form: IRO WC 2017 Registration Camper (xlsx, ~12kB)


Arrival Date: 18.09.2017 from 12.00 p.m.

Arrival Date: 24.09.2017 after the award ceremony, at the latest by 8:00 p.m.

Contact Person – Registration Address:

Traude Stepanek

Tel. Nr. +43 664 32 666 47

Fax: +43 3452 726 62


Camping Rates:

Per night including electricity:   € 35.00

Per night excluding electricity:  € 30.00

Camping site for motorhomes and Trailers:

The camp site is behind the stables. It is a parking lot with no shady spots. It includes electricity and sanitary installations.


House rules for Campers:


With their signature, the camper agrees to the camping rules and regulations/house rules of the organiser. The house rules include the entire event grounds.

2. Pitch/Camping Site

The campsite is allocated by the organiser and comprises a spot for a motorhome. Size: 5 x 8 meters.

3. Payment Conditions

Basis for payment is the registration form (with or without electricity). The amount due must be paid in such a way that it is credited to the organisers bank account at least 14 days before the start of the event. Bank details will be given separately after registration has been accepted.


Dogs must be on a leash on the entire event grounds!


Excrement must be picked up and disposed of in the receptacles provided.

6. Clean Up

Refuse is to be disposed of in the receptacles provided.


Instructions from the event organiser and its personnel are to be followed.


Campers are responsible for insuring themselves against fire, theft, burglary and third party liability.


All emergency exits, escape routes and emergency routes must be kept clear.


Wilful destruction of objects both inside and outside will be reported to the police.


Circumventing the barriers on the event grounds and outside of the event grounds is prohibited. Entering the stables is absolutely forbidden!


Entering cordoned off areas is strictly prohibited. The camper is personally responsible for damages caused by noncompliance of the house rules and other provisions of the law, especially accident prevention regulations. Under no circumstances is the organiser responsible.


Entering the camp site is done at your own risk. The organiser is not liable for physical and/or material damage caused by a third party. This also applies to thefts. The organiser takes no responsibility over and above the provisions of the law and is not liable for accidents and/or other damages of any kind that the camper is affected by during the event.


In the case of a storm, the camper is responsible for taking protective measures. It is particularly dangerous to be under trees or near open water and in close proximity to technical facilities. In this situation, the instructions and directions from the event personnel must be followed.


In case of danger the security force, security personnel or the action force must be informed.


Any infringements of these house and site rules can result in being expelled from the grounds.

17. Disclaimer

The organiser is not liable for any damages or thefts. The same applies for damages or injuries suffered to persons or items during the period of stay at the event.

The organiser is only liable if the damages are deliberately brought about by the organiser or his people/personnel.

18. Place of Jurisdiction

Austrian law is exclusively applied. Place of jurisdiction is Mödling, Austria.