Greeting HBM – Programme of the Rescue Dog World Championships



The Österreichische Gebrauchshundesport Verband (ÖGV, Austrian Working Dog Association) has been charged by the International Rescue Dog Organisation to host the International Rescue Dog World Championships 2017. At the world championships, which are being held in Austria for the fourth time, rescue dog teams display their skills in competitions of the highest level. The army, with its rescue dogs, has also already been represented as participants in IRO world championships.

The excellently trained rescue dogs are deployed in many different ways. The main task of the dogs, however, is to trace missing or buried persons,­ whether after avalanches, building collapses, or catastrophes such as earthquakes or similar.

The army also relies on the superior sensory abilities of dogs in its surveillance and security services, in sniffer-dog deployments for drugs and explosives, or when searching for people after natural disasters. In these areas, army dogs carry out valuable work in the service of people, or to reduce the risk for our soldiers. Above all the deployments within the framework of AFDRU (Austrian Forces Disaster Relief Unit) are widely known.

Since 1964 the canine heart of the army has beaten at the military dog centre in Kaisersteinbruch, where more than 2,000 service dogs have been registered and trained to date. Among the greatest successes of the centre is certainly the awarding of Soldier of The Year 2007 in the category Unit.

For the 2017 World Championships the army is happy to provide the exercise ground “Tritolwerk” in Eggendorf/Theresienfeld as a venue, thus confirming the close cooperation between the army and civil organisations.

I wish all participants in this great event exciting and fair competitions. May your success give an impulse beyond our borders to engage with dogs sensibly, healthily and sportingly.


Mag. Hans Peter Doskozil

Federal Minister for National Defence and Sport


Rescue Dog World Championships

Training to the highest level – that is what the International Rescue Dog Organisation (IRO) stands for. Dogs are trained for deployment in extreme situations, such as earthquakes, avalanches or other catastrophes. The dog teams prove their worth every year on countless rescue missions and are usually indispensable for the initial search. They always cooperate very closely and intensively with the police dogs – together they are an unbeatable team when it comes to ensuring safety for the people who live in our Country.

As a dog lover I am particularly delighted that Austria has been selected for the fourth time to host the Rescue Dog World Championships. In the individual competitions the dog teams must prove their skills in nose work, subordination and agility in the sections terrain, tracking and rubble. Austria is among the pioneers in rescue dog work in Europe and throughout the world. That is something we can be very proud of.

The keen nose of a dog cannot be replaced by the work of a human. The dog is therefore not only man’s best friend, but when used as a rescue dog can be decisive in saving human life. As the Minister of the Interior, it is my great honour to assume the patronage of this Event.

Finally I would like to wish all participants every success, fair competitions, and many pleasant and sporting hours with your four-legged friends in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Wolfgang Sobotka

Federal Minister for the Interior


Ladies and Gentlemen
Esteemed sports friends!


I am pleased to announce that the Österreichischer Gebrauchshundesport Verband (ÖGV), has been charged with the execution of the International Rescue Dog World Championship, 2017. This is a great honour.

I believe whole-heartedly that the ÖGV and its administration team will give this event the proper structure.

I would like to ensure the participants from all over the world that we will do our best to fulfil all of your expectations. I am looking forward to being able to greet you personally.

Very often, rescue dogs are in service under very difficult conditions and still manage to save lives even when their own health and safety and that of their handler is at stake.

At this world championship, the rescue dog teams will be competing in a fair tournament in individual and team competitions. I am convinced that we will see some great Performances.

I wish all participants a good start for this World Championship.


ÖGV President


Dear friends of rescue dog sport,
dear rescue dog handlers!

For the 4th time, Austria will be the venue of the Rescue Dog World Championship of the International Rescue Dog Organization (IRO). I may cordially invite you all to come to the competitions between 19th and 24th of September 2017 as participants or visitors.

The organizing team of the Österreichischer Gebrauchshundesport Verband (ÖGV) has worked very hard to be able to offer you, as dog handlers as well as interested visitors, an ideal setting to hold this World Championship. The venues MAGNA RACINO and TRITOLWERK feature optimal conditions for a challenging and fair competition, and I may, on this occasion, express my gratitude to Mr Robert STRAUB and his team at ÖGV for all their efforts in preparing for this WCH.

Nevertheless, all preparations could not make this WCH what it should be, if you, dear rescue dog handlers, would not turn it into a very special event through your personal preparations, numerous trainings and tests, and through excellent performances.

This 23rd World Championship takes place in the year before the 25th anniversary of IRO. This means that the first WCH has been held only one year after IRO’s foundation. Since this occasion, rescue dog teams compete in a fair and sportsmanlike competition and identify the best in Tracking, Area, and Rubble among their ranks. The aim of the WCH has always been to be a platform for advances in the training of rescue dogs, where performance of dogs and dog handlers can be measured and compared.

The WCH is not only a sports event, but also offers the opportunity to discover new friendships and deepen existing ones. For one week, in the region of Baden everything will be about rescue dogs, and the locals are cordially invited to attend the competitions. The teams are in the lime light, and aside national and international media also high-ranking politicians and functionaries are invited to this event. They, too, will get a picture of the performances of the IRO NROs‘ rescue dogs.

I wish you and us a smooth course of this World Championship, the ounce of luck that always goes along with performance, and, above all, an enjoyable time with old and new friends.

I hope to be able to welcome you to the WCH opening, as a dog handler or visitor, and look forward to it.

Markus Bock
President of the IRO Executive Board



In the context of the IRO World Championship for Rescue Dogs in Ebreichsdorf, Austria, we should, even if time passes by too quickly, take a moment to think of our four-legged friends, comrades and helpers. The cooperation of humans and nature is the source of human survival, but also a source of learning to respect nature and all its beings. In good and in bad times dogs are our faithful companions. For instance, this winter avalanches have claimed the lives of several people. Among the dedicated helpers were avalanche search dogs side by side with mountain rescuers. In national security systems we seldomly look at the social dimension of the relation between man and dog. We should, nevertheless, be aware that dogs contribute much and sometimes work independently as our helpers. They are useful with their heightened sense of smell and are man’s extension in emergency management and in the rescue from avalanches and earthquakes. Friendship, trust, comradeship and help are the values which distinguish our four-legged friends. I hope that people will also learn to appreciate the dignity of these playful companions. All dog handlers, first and foremost the participating top dog handlers, are to demonstrate how important it is to occupy oneself with the dogs and that the work is much fun to them.

For a World Championship, long preparations, a lot of voluntary work and many efforts are needed. For all of this, we express our gratitude to the hosts and their helpers. I wish all participants the best of luck and success in the competitions. Also to the judges who need a lot of experience and objectivity in executing their important task in order to enable a fair competition. May this event take a successful and harmonious Course.

Frans Jansen

President of the FCI Rescue Dog Commission


Welcome to Ebreichsdorf!


The Magna Racino in the borough of Ebreichsdorf is again in the centre of an international event, this time it´s the 23th world-championship of search and rescue-dogs which is held from the 19th to the 24th of September. It´s the 4th time that such a world-championship takes place in Austria, this time in our region. As mayor of Ebreichsdorf I´m very pleased to welcome you – as a participant or as a spectator.

I want to thank everyone who helps to bring such an important and prestigious tournament in the dogsport-sector to our town. Dogsport-fans of every age can fullfil their desires and watch exciting competitions.

I also want to thank also the numerous sponsors. Without them such an event would no longer be possible. To the participants (people and dogs): I wish an exciting and succesfull competition and that they can make the goals they wanted to reach!

I may welcome all visitors not only to Magna Racino but also in our beautiful city of Ebreichsdorf. Use the chance for a detour in one of our four districts. Ebreichsdorf offers a variety of things worth seeing, excellent gastronomy and a good infrastructure.

In this sense – I welcome you again in Ebreichsdorf and I wish an exciting, varied and enjoyable stay at the world championship in our town.


Wolfgang Kocevar


Dear rescue dog handlers, dear dog sports enthusiasts!

As the instruction- and sportsreferee of the Österreichischer Gebrauchshundesport Verband (ÖGV), it is a special honor for me to adress a few greeting words on the occasion of the International World Championships on Rescue Dogs in Ebreichsdorf.

To work with a rescue dog is characterized by the fact, that these are not only conducted in sporting competitions, but also and above all in the rescue service for our fellow human beings. A prerequisite for this is a long-term training of dog and handler in various disciplines. The rescue dog sport offers the possibility to measure the level of education of the teams during a fair competition but away from emergency situations, suffering and pain, as they are connected with a real use.

The ÖGV has taken over this large event. I wish all the employees and helpers involved in the organization handling to do the right things at the right moments and would like to thank them in advance for their commitment!

In this spirit, I would like to wish all dog handlers, all visitors, as well as the organisationteam, an exciting and successful event at the dog in general and at the rescue dog sport in particular!

Sincerely yours

Ernst Kisser